With a BIG thank you to all those people who have sponsored small boiler tubes we are happy to report that the winter maintenance programme is well underway at Weybourne Workshops on the North Norfolk Railway (NNR). The reasons for retubing the boiler have been discussed elsewhere on our website. What we want to do is express the Company’s gratitude to all those people who have so far sponsored 71% of the 156 tubes now being replaced by NNR professional staff and our hard-working volunteer Engineering Team.

Back in the day when 76084 was being restored at Hepscott one of the highlights of the restoration was receiving the loco’s ashpan – an intricate piece of engineering – which represented a significant financial investment by the Company. Sadly, sometime in the summer of 2016 this ashpan suffered some warping which resulted in hot ashes escaping onto the track during loco operation and which is definitely not good news for the Permanent Way Crew of the NNR or even Network Rail. So a new one has been made as our photos here show.

When the NNR professionals have finished retubing the boiler our Engineering Team will return to assist in putting 76084 back together again. Of course, she will need to be hydraulically and steam tested before return to service which we hope will be in good time for the NNR’s new season.

Rumour has it that 92203 Black Prince will be next to receive some TLC in the Weybourne Workshop. For fans of BR Standard locomotives this can only be good news. #WeLoveBRstds

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