Special Announcement

The Board of 76084 Locomotive Company Limited have been notified by our largest shareholder of his intention to seek a buyer for his shareholding in 76084 representing 50% of the voting shares.

This may trigger an offer for the entire locomotive.

Locomotive Background

  • 76084 was subject to a fully documented, “bottom-up” 16-year restoration and entered into service in July 2013 at the North Norfolk Railway.
  • The guiding objective was to complete the restoration to MT276 and RSP 6 (main line standard) and to ensure that the workmanship was good for 20 years (i.e. not just “get it through 10 years”). All subsequent care and maintenance has been done with the same objectives and guiding principles.
  • The quality of this restoration, and subsequent maintenance regime, is reflected in the locomotive’s very high in service reliability.
  • Since completing the restoration 76084 has been fully equipped for running on Network Rail (GSMR, OTMR, TPWS – mark IV) and registered on TOPS (98484). This was at a cost of approximately £100k raised from our shareholders.
  • 76084’s operating miles on Network Rail and heritage railways has been fully recorded. It last ran on Network Rail on 27 September 2017 hauling the last North Norfolkman dining train of the season for the North Norfolk Railway.
  • 76084 comes with a quantity of spares, sufficient to support main line running (springs, hoses etc.).
  • 76084 will have completed all her contractual hire commitments by 31 October 2017
  • 76084 is classified as 4MT. As such it is a medium power locomotive economical on both fuel and water but with a performance that belies its classification.
  • 76084’s full history is covered on this website.

Could you be interested?

Parties with a serious interest in acquiring a large or 100% stake in the locomotive are invited to contact the Company Secretary at by Sunday 15 October 2017.


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